Celia Sauers

Marketing Account Manager at Affinitiv Inc

Jane was my primary day to day client contact for 3 years when she was Sr. Manager Loyalty responsible for Small Biz Rewards at Verizon. Jane's passion for, and expertise in activating loyalty opportunities for small businesses was the driving force behind the most dynamic loyalty program in telecom. Together, we executed her vision by deploying strategic multi-channel marketing communication plans driving revenue via retention strategies and decreasing attrition leveraging engagement tactics.


Jane's ability to assess individuals, groups, and companies is unparalleled. She identifies novel ways to utilize resources to maximize their potential as she successfully coaches to increase performance in areas of opportunity. Jane's fresh, fun, high energy style make her a joy to work with and an asset to every project she contributes to.

Drew H. Slater, MBA

Loyalty Consultant at Kobie Marketing

Working with Jane is a real treat! Not only does she have a truly infectious positive attitude, but her 30+ years working at Verizon with small businesses and loyalty is invaluable. Jane uses her high EQ to quickly understand team dynamics and adapts her process to get the most out of teams. You won’t regret working with her!

Maria Aller

Award-winning Creative Director, Strategist, UX Designer


As a creative, when I picture an ideal client, Jane is the first person to come to mind. Her out of the box thinking, superb collaboration and complete trust in her team is rare. In the 4 years of working together, we were able to push the envelope on creative strategy and execution, which resulted in record breaking acquisition and engagement metrics. Her extensive experience in telecom and loyalty supersedes all, and her enthusiasm is icing on the cake. Jane is a role model to many women in the corporate world.

Adrienne Denaro

Strategic Director of Content and Communications at Pick™

Jane was a client of Adrienne’s

Jane is the definition of a dream client - not the kind to just lob a challenge over the fence, but an active, engaged participant who comes to the table with as many ideas and insights as she expects her agency to (in fact, we had a name for it: JANEstorming). Furthermore, she's not afraid to try new things, test campaigns and concepts, and consistently raise the bar for her loyalty program, Verizon Small Biz Rewards. With her willingness to invest in some of the most out-of-the-box ideas, our teams took home countless industry awards and accolades. Her energy and enthusiasm for work and life is inspiring.

Gary Cain

Group Marketing Manager at Verizon Business Markets

December 28, 2018, Gary managed Jane directly

Having worked with Jane for years, I have seen the amazing business results she was able to create, which literally represented millions of dollars that would not have existed without her passion, vision and ability to get others to buy-in. Jane is an idea machine that has the rare ability to connect with people professionally and personally which inspires commitment. She makes every person on the team better and is therefore someone you want on your team, not your competitor's. 


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