JaneStorm's Mission:

Clear Your Mind Clutter 

Are you ready to say your dreams out loud? Are you or your team looking for inspiration? Then it's time to JaneSTORM with our Chief Brainstormer and Certified Executive Coach Specialist, Jane! She leverages curiosity, conversation, and creativity to help you clear you mind clutter, and create a positive action plan to move forward.

Are you ready to clear your mind clutter and work on your forecast?


Upcoming Events

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The Powerful Collective:

Spring Power Surge

Jane joins 3 Empowered Leaders: The Powerful Collective to discover the Power of Rebirth.

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The Powerful Collective:

Summer Power Surge

Jane joins 3 Empowered Leaders: The Powerful Collective to discover the Power of Becoming.

Ready to take action?

Partner with Jane

Work with Jane, and together, you will activate the gifts within YOU through brainstorming and beyond. 

Individual and Group Coaching

Coaching sessions with Jane take clients through a guided and natural conversation using unique JaneStorm tools. 


Workshops & Speaking

Jane's mission is to connect people with ideas through brainstorming, curiosity, conversation and creativity.


Webinar/Podcast Guest

Hear how Jane creates action oriented Mind Maps, with Affirmations, to match her client's visions.

The JaneSTORM process began during Jane's positive tenure at Verizon where she gained a reputation for being a catalyst for brainstorming, leadership training,  team collaboration and clarity. Her Transformation coaching techniques support personal and career development.  Jane knows how to make things happen and looks forward to seeing your inspiration come to life! 

"Working with Jane was a powerful and eye-opening experience. She is extremely good at asking gentle, probing questions to bring out deep truths to help you come to an understanding of who you are and what you want to achieve. 


Jane helps you to put your ideas together so that they are organized and achievable! She also has a wonderful way with people and a heart of gold!  I highly recommend taking the time to invest in you and contact Jane."   - Melani S.