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JaneStorm's Mission:
Unlock Your Strengths

Are you or your team looking for inspiration and action?
Then it's time to JaneSTORM with our Chief Brainstormer and ICF PCC JaneSTORM who specializes in Strengths, HOPE and Mind Mapping! She leverages curiosity, conversation, and creativity to create a positive action plan to move forward for you and your team.

Meet Jane

Meet Jane

Hi There!

Hi! Welcome to the JaneStorm Website where I connect people and ideas.  My 30+ years of experience in Verizon marketing, managing a multi-million- dollar loyalty program has served as a foundation for Transformational Coaching. JaneSTORM Clients benefit from my direct knowledge of managing multi-faceted global teams, marketing, remote work, and international coaching and speaking. My coaching style is a blend of creativity, insight, and purposeful strategies, carefully tailored to extract the best from both individuals and teams. Through thought-provoking activities and impactful questions. Whether commanding large groups or engaging in one-on-one sessions, my energy, curiosity, intention, and attentive listening converge to create lasting positive change for my clients.​


Deck of Hope

A deck of cards to get you through the storms in life.

Create a positive intention to affirm your strengths!


Join the JaneStorm Hope Activator Community

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Jane McCarthy JaneSTORM 21:16 Join the JaneStorm Hope Activator Community – Where Possibilities Ignite! 🌟 ​

Welcome to a vibrant community dedicated to Holding Onto Positive Energy and exploring endless possibilities together. Be part of a movement that inspires, uplifts, and energizes. Let's create a brighter future together!

Ready to take action?

Partner with Jane

Work with Jane, and together, you will activate the gifts within YOU through brainstorming and beyond. 

Individual and Group Coaching

Coaching sessions with Jane take clients through a guided and natural conversation using unique JaneStorm tools. 


Workshops & Speaking

Jane's mission is to connect people with ideas through brainstorming, curiosity, conversation and creativity.

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Webinar/Podcast Guest

Hear how Jane creates action oriented Mind Maps, with Affirmations, to match her client's visions.

The JaneSTORM process began during Jane's positive tenure at Verizon where she gained a reputation for being a catalyst for brainstorming, leadership training,  team collaboration and clarity. Her Transformation coaching techniques support personal and career development.  Jane knows how to make things happen and looks forward to seeing your inspiration come to life! 

JaneSTORM is officially a published author!

For Free!

This is a collection of insights and techniques from trained coaches with each chapter an individual read, this book serves coaches and clients alike for awareness, tools, and new ideas.


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I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Jane a year ago. Her heart is full of love, and her genuine desire to help others is inspiring. As an expert in Gallup Strength Assessment, her knowledge and guidance have been invaluable.

When I was unsure about embracing the India trip (which made a tremendous impact on my life and career), Jane was the reason I took that leap of faith. I felt safe knowing she was organizing it and would be there throughout the journey. Her presence and support made all the difference, and I'm grateful for the memories we created together.

Jane's warm and welcoming nature is infectious, making you want to befriend her from the moment you meet her. She radiates positivity and kindness, and I'm fortunate to have her in my life. Thank you, Jane, for being an incredible human and an exceptional friend!

-Luba Sakharuk
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