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Meet Jane

The JaneSTORM Mission is to Clear Your Mind Clutter using creative and open-ended questions that clarify a client’s vision. Jane creates inspiration using unique tools and brainstorming to positively make things happen for individuals and teams!

Hi There!


What Makes Me Different

Jane McCarthy is currently the Chief Brainstormer at JaneSTORM, where she connects people with their vision and delivers a positive focus for their future through brainstorming and personalized or group interviews.


She is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in Mind Mapping and Affirmations to create a forward looking action plan with a fresh perspective. She provides the freedom and space to create a unique, compelling and action oriented personal or business Mind Map with Affirmations to match her client's vision. Jane is also an experienced Marketing Professional, with an 18 year history of managing all aspects of the Verizon Business to Business Loyalty Program "Small Biz Rewards".


Her knowledge and passion for loyalty spans every facet of her life. In the past year, Jane has interviewed hundreds of women and coached dozens on public speaking, sharing their stories, career planning, loyalty and positivity as a Senior Producer for Arras Sisters where the mission is to create opportunities for women. (



Jane spent 8 years as a volunteer Chairperson and Top Team Captain and three years as the Region Lead for the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life where Yorktown, NY consistently made it into the Top 10 Relays in the NY, NJ, CT Region. She has the energy and capacity to command large groups through speaking engagements, workshops and events and the curiosity, intention and listening skills to work one on one with people. Jane loves to connect people with ideas and watch them Clear their Mind Clutter and Soar!

My Story

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