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Retreat or Not?

This is an updated post from the Fall of 2019.

Have you ever gone to a women’s retreat?

What did you expect?

Here’s a definition from Google:​

"The magic of bringing women together—and the goal of providing female empowerment. It's the women who make women's retreats so special, providing comfort, support, and serious girl-time fun."


​The photo above is from a retreat last fall. The weekend was run by Tanya from the Lighthouse Retreat. Love Her!!  We gathered at a wonderful house in Saugerties NY.   I have been a  “member” of "Tanya's Tribe" for over two years. It is my safe place to share fears, triggers, parenting mishaps, past obstacles and hope for the future. 

We are a group of multi-racial and multi-generational women working on moving forward

and stepping into a better version of ourselves with Tanya leading us down the path. We have shed tears, shared meals, laughed, been angry and learned from one another. It is a place for pushing past our biases and getting to our core values.

When you open yourself up for growth, the garden within flourishes and the field of possibilities are endless! JaneSTORM 2020

During my last Lighthouse Retreat, I began the path of Jane 2.0 within the first day (I'm at 3.0 now) and created the mantra, "Stay in your own lane Jane." This time, my "work" began at the retreat but really blossomed after I returned home.  The result was my energy erupting into action and my brain exploding with ideas.  My mantra this time is "Protect the Protector". I made a hanging craft and a heart shield bracelet.  I am working on being a conduit not a container in my purposeful and humbling work with women from all races, colors, creeds and circumstances. It is a privilege to listen to resilient women sharing their stories and digging deep and creating connections.

Update: June 5, 2020

There is so much work to be done.

The women and men of color I have come to know and love are hurting.

I am standing by them with my heart open.

My heart is hurting for humanity.

What comes to mind at the moment is : Listen. Jane. Listen

The learning from my Coaching Cohort is teaching me to listen. To empower others. To accept being uncomfortable yet still having the hard conversations. It is overdue. SO many of us hate constructive feedback and don't know how to give it. This is the time. It is time to listen to understand not to reply.

Show Support.

Do homework on the racial inequities in life.

Learn from people who are not like you.

Be an Ally. Be humble. Be Curious. Be Courageous. Be Kind. Be Civil.

Be Compassionate. Be Patient.

The crater is wide - let's create the world we want to live in. We have the power to do this!

Let's collectively try!

JaneSTORM 6_5_2020

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