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Who is JaneSTORM?

I am Jane Patricia Buckley McCarthy. I am a Gemini. I love to build community. I am planning to share my life with all of you. I would love this blog to be interactive. Share with me what resonates. Let me know when I am long winded or perhaps spot on. Let’s take this journey together and inspire each other. “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.”  ~ Helen Keller Two years ago, my sister Maggie invited me to a Glass House Retreat in her Magic Basement.   Below is a photo of my notes from that day. Two years later, I realize I had set a plan in motion to manifest these words.

Maggie also took us through a vision board exercise. She started with a poem titled Where I’m From.

She asked us to write where we are from. This is my poem written on the spot. It tells my story and I felt this was a perfect way for you to get to know me.

Where I'm From

I am Jane

​I am from the suburbs.

I am from a world filled with colorful characters.

I am in a place where I always knew I was loved.

I am from groups of women, from childhood, college, England, Verizon, Yorktown, Relay and beyond.

I am an explorer of emotions, of things, of places.

I am from a loving, safe, wonderful marriage.

I am from a loud, fun, soul singing, dance party family filled with love, expectations, hidden fears, happy times, giving spirits, strong hearts, loud voices and some soft voices that are getting stronger.

I am from a creative, colorful, character-based series of connections.

I am from happy.

I am from sunshine.

I am from bumps in the road where I have picked myself up.

I am from birds singing, sharing food with squirrels.

Stars twinkling and shining bright.

I am from Hope, Love, PurplePower and Passion.

I am from a strong work ethic filled with flexibility, fierceness, fun and 31 phenomenal years of connecting and surviving in Corporate America and achieving all that I have wanted.

I am surrounded by people and things who connect me with Happy.

I am from love.

Where are YOU from?

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