"My Dad was Born the Day the Stock Market Crashed"

My dad was born 91 years ago today.

Yes, the day the stock market crashed.

Bill Buckley died suddenly at age 60 - (31 years ago) from heart issues.

It is so weird that he died from heart issues because he lead with his HEART!

In honor of Bill Buckley, I am going to:

-Eat a mini black and white cookie- when we were on vacation, he would let one of us come with him to do the laundry or go run errands...the treat was a black and white cookie. And if you were little Janie, you felt extra lucky because he did not like the chocolate part so the bonus half always landed on my plate!

-Tell some stupid jokes: What's 5 Q + 5Q?

-Help someone.#BeKind Our parents were always helping others. My father's legacy is that he taught us that love is love is love long before it became a "thing".

-Suggest that Brooklyn is the capital of the United States. (He truly believed that!)

-Share a few photos where you can see how much I look like him:

-Look for a lady bug- just one in an unusual place. He visits in the most unusual ways!

-Call my s