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Who is on your Trust Team?

Recently, I facilitated a segment at a Master Your Mind Clutter workshop on the Trust Teams in the circle of our lives. One of the Trust Teams I highlighted was the impact of virtual friendships formed through social media, texts and emails. There was some push back from the participants about this particular Trust Team. I presented this story:

In 1970, 3 little girls met in kindergarten at Birch Lane in Massapequa, NY. They were friendly. They knew each other throughout their formative years. They hung out in different friend groups. They were not in the same space in high school. No drama, just totally

different paths.

Fast forward to Facebook and blogs. Somehow, I connected with Elissa first. She was writing a daily blog. Her words resonated with me. I reached out to her on March 1, 2009. I followed along while she wrote her first book. We started messaging each other. That was 12 years ago!

Randi and I connected in 2011 through the Elissa connection.

In 2016, the three of us started a group message thread. It was sporadic and significant. These women became vital to me. We have shared the good, the bad and the ugly of life. We trust each other, truly trust each other. We have formed this beautiful bond in a virtual space where we are free to be our authentic selves. There are check ins and rants, there are lovely aha moments and raw, emotional times of support and profound understanding.

In the past 3 months, these two women have been texting anchors to me. They have checked in, shared my fears and tears, understood my rants, made me laugh and allowed me to be me.

It is interesting. They both sent me gifts in the past month that have to do with with hands. Elissa sent a handmade bracelet with the words: Amazing; Indestructible and Extraordinary. Randi sent a plaster kit for creating a sculpture. How appropriate- their beautiful hands have been typing to me and going straight to my heart for 10 years now!

Elissa also sent my mom masks and healing buttons that she wears every week to chemo treatment.

Funny thing is: Elissa and I have seen each other live 4 times in 12 years. Randi and I have not had the opportunity yet to connect live but we both know it is coming!!

This JaneSTORM case study shows that you can form bonds virtually. (I have lots of them). I am feeling thankful this morning as I write this. Life is fragile. Having a trust team that gets you is vital. JaneSEZ Virtual connection does work!

Thank you Elissa and Randi for being a part of my Trust Team! 💜💜

How are you connected virtually to your circles in life?

Want to know more about the significance of Trust Teams on clearing your mind clutter.

Get in touch!

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