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The Glitter Reel and Keepin it Real

A couple of weeks ago my sister posted something about clothes on a chair:

I texted her this photo: And said, “Do not share it on social media!!!!”

THAT CHAIR represents the guts of me - the side that doesn’t have it all together; the side that has too much stuff; the side that gets lazy about putting things back where they belong, the side of me that changes 4

or 5 times before I go out to an event because I am not loving my weight at the moment and the side that shows truly the controlled chaos of my life that I work hard every day to do my best yet I can’t get my chair to ever be clothing free for more than a day!

I bet there are those of you who can relate and there are others whose neatness meters are going haywire and you are ready to come rescue my chair!

Maybe you don’t have a pile of clothes on a chair, but I’m sure there’s something else that doesn’t match the “glitter reel”.

What I have found over the years, is when I have shared my most vulnerable stuff on FB, people have responded. People have messaged me privately, conversations were started. So today, my chair represents where I am. I am trying hard to live an amazing, put together life and for the most part, I am.

Yet the clothes pile up, the glitter reel is full of highlights and there are journal pages being written in the middle of the night about finances; worthiness, parenting, passion projects; future endeavors; striving to stay in my own lane yet wanting to help friends and family with health and personal issues...trying not to let others get the idea.

And truth be told, there are so many damn socks that lost their mate and I am beyond rescuing them so I get up every day with an intention to get it all together and life happens and there is a realization that perfection is hard to achieve and that’s OK.

Perhaps if we all “shared our version of the chair” more often, we could realize we are all way more alike than different.

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