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Butterflies are Signs of HOPE

Cancer Sucks

My friend Denise passed away last week from cancer at age 56. Maria, our children's bus driver and friend to many passed away from cancer the week before at age 57. They both will be remembered for their smiles and their positivity during their long and courageous battles. This morning, I was thinking how they both left us during butterfly season.

"Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life."

Butterflies represent transformation, change and hope. They are symbols of bravery. Many people believe butterflies are angels carrying messages.

Signs and Saint Padre Pio

Denise loved butterflies. She believed in their magic and that her mom was sending her a message each time one entered her path. She exuded positivity and she thought butterflies represented the sunny side of life.

She also loved Saint Padre Pio. He was humble. He believed the real mission for people begins in death. He believed that time is precious and we need to make good use of it. He taught joy with peace is charity and that laughter is key. I remember many times, Denise quoting him when life was hard. She loved to say, "Pray, hope and don't worry. Worry is useless." She lived a life of humility with hope and faith and with strength and a smile. I can now see why butterflies were such a symbolism for her. She truly believed as St Padre Pio preached and the butterflies she loved represented, that we must not put off from one moment to another. We must live in the present because the next moment is not ours yet.

JaneSTORM Challenge

If someone you love has passed, look for signs. They are out there. Pause. Take a breath. Give yourself grace. Give yourself time.

Today, I am going to challenge myself to continue to look for butterflies. Each time I see one, I will say a prayer for those who have left us too soon, for those who are battling daily and for the caregivers who are going through the storm in a different but profound way.

My task for you is to Look Up, Look Around and Look Ahead for the signs. Look for the beauty. Think of the good in people. Focus on HOPE. Share a smile. Acknowledge good deeds. Be Kind. Create space for growth. My sign from above is a lady bug but as of last week, it is now a butterfly too. Fly high Denise and Maria. Know that you are missed and that your work from above is shining down on those who love you.

"Even though you flew away,

in our souls,

you will forever stay."


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